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LG Seeds and HY+Q: A winning Combination
To Boost Soybean Feed Value

Photo courtesy of the United Soybean Board

LG Seeds® and the checkoff-funded High Yield PLUS Quality (HY+Q) initiative have teamed up to maximize soybean value in livestock feed and help protect markets from synthetic feed ingredients.

LG Seeds was the first company to collaborate with HY+Q to identify and promote soybean varieties that have the potential to produce higher-quality livestock feed and deliver a higher value to the marketplace. LG Seeds is committed to developing high-quality, innovative products for their end-user customers.

As an industry leader, LG Seeds is helping its dealers and customers to understand the importance of livestock feed value, in addition to yield potential and other important agronomic factors, in the soybean varieties they plant. Working directly with the HY+Q program enables LG Seeds to share this critical information so U.S. farmers can make more fully informed, data-driven decisions.

Recent feed value analysis by the HY+Q program shows that the following LG Seeds soybean varieties contain feed values sought by livestock farmers to provide high-quality nutrition to their herds and flocks. This information makes it easier than ever to select varieties that will help livestock farmers meet their goals, while still providing superior yield and agronomic traits soybean farmers depend on.

Variety Composite Livestock Meal Value & Relative Value Score Summary
from 2017-2020 HY+Q Programs
(Minimum of 5 Samples of Variety)
Brand Variety Average Composite
Meal Value ($/ton)
Average Composite
Livestock Relative Value Score
LG SeedsLGS2989RX$485.177.6
LG SeedsC1838RX$481.997.0
LG SeedsLGS1635RX$481.087.0
LG SeedsLGS2007RX$481.756.9
LG SeedsC3400$482.456.9
LG SeedsLGS2417RX$480.286.7
LG SeedsLGS4931RX$486.976.6
LG SeedsC3550RX$480.386.3
LG SeedsLGS3297RX$481.966.3
LG SeedsC4227RX$482.656.2
LG SeedsLGS3060RX$483.656.2
LG SeedsC2126RX$475.266.0
LG SeedsLGS3777RX$482.545.9
LG SeedsLGS0111RX$467.835.8
LG SeedsC1000RX$472.445.7
LG SeedsLGS1776RX$473.235.7
LG SeedsC3775RX$476.485.6
LG SeedsC2888RX$474.525.4
LG SeedsLGS2444RX$474.075.4
LG SeedsLGS0355RX$465.115.4
LG SeedsLGS3600RX$480.175.3
LG SeedsC1337RX$469.515.3
LG SeedsLGS2627RX$469.185.2
LG SeedsC2300$466.515.0

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