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By producing soybeans and pigs, your soybean variety decisions impact your farm revenue from seed to feed. The soybean checkoff found a way to compare the feed value of soybean varieties and found the difference in value is significant. The United Soybean Board and National Pork Board teamed up to create this site so you can submit a harvest sample to see how your feed value compares locally. We also offer information about how soybean variety selection benefits both sides of your operation.

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1 Soybean meal value variation: A case study in U.S. swine - Spyridon Mourtzinis, Barton S. Borg, Seth L. Naeve, John Osthus, and Shawn P. Conley

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The soybean checkoff-funded quality improvement program and its growing cadre of industry-leading supporters signals a new era in the quest to improve the livestock nutritional value of U.S. soybeans.

These agribusinesses each bring their own vision and expertise to the effort. For more information on these cutting-edge companies, click on the logos below. If your company wants to team up with the soybean checkoff, please send us a note.

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